Model No. 90053
Engine Yanmar
Type Liquid Cooled - Diesel
Horsepower 20
Cylinders 2
Displacement 749 cc (45.7 cu. in.)
Bore x Stroke 78 mm x 78.4 mm (3.07" x 3.09")
Oil Capacity 2.4 qts. (2.27 liters)
Lubrication Full Force Lube
Oil Filter Disposable Canister
Air Cleaner Heavy Duty Commercial Canister
Ignition Electronic
Starter 12 v. w/ key solenoid
Electrical System 36 amp DC regulated
Interlock Safety Switch Seat/Traction Drive/Mower
Battery Capacity 12 V. / CCA 340
Fuel Tank Capacity 11.5 Gal. (43.5 liters)
Engine Mounting Isomounts
Type Hydro-Gear® 12cc Pumps w/fans
Final Drive Parker TJ Wheel Motors
Transmission Oil Dixon Synthetic
Forward Speed 10 mph (16 kmph)
Park Brake Rachet
Other Features
Deck Cut Width 52" (132 cm)
Deck Width w/Deflector Retracted 53" (134.5 cm)
Overall Deck Width 63" (159.4cm)
Blades 3
Mower Cutting Height Range 1.5" to 5.5" (3.8 cm to 14 cm)
Mower Cutting Positions 18
Deck Weight 202 lbs. (99.8kg)
Power Unit Weight 844 lbs.(382.8kg)
Deck Construction Reinforced 11 ga. Fab. (3.04 mm)
Spindle 0.984" (25 mm)
Hub Cast Iron
Anti Scalp Wheels Standard
Steering Control Twin Lever/Swing Out
Seat Cushion High Density Foam
Seat Cover Ballistic-cloth
Seat Springs Standard
Headlights Standard
Side Trim Lights Standard
Beverage Holder Standard
Mower Clutch Electric
Tires - Front 13 x 6.5 x 6 Smooth
Tires - Back 23 x 10.5 x 12 Turf
Turning Radius Zero
Homeowner 3 Years Parts, 3 Years Labor
Commercial 3 Years parts, 2 Years labor
Mulching Kit Yes
Folding ROPS Yes
Canopy for ROPS Yes
Striping Kit Yes
Snow Blades Yes
Wheel Weights/Chains Yes