Three reasons you should be mowing with a Dixon ZTR mower.
Is it my turn yet?
Dixon ZTR Mowers are Fun to Run. Crazy as it sounds, Dixon ZTR riding mowers are fun to run. Everyone in the family (everyone in the neighborhood, for that matter) will be asking, "Is it my turn yet?" They'll want to get in on the fun that's found behind the controls of a world-class Dixon ZTR mower, scooting around trees, fences, flower beds and other obstacles that can make lawn work downright drudgery. But when you're atop that signature blue finger-tip control and smooth-operating machine, flying over that fescue and zipping through the Zoysia, you might even take an extra turn or two yourself. That's the Dixon Difference.
Turn to Dixon's quality & reputation  
Dixon Quality Keeps Loyal Customers Coming Back for More. Dixon introduced the world to the Zero Turning Radius, or ZTR, concept that turned grass mowing from drudgery into downright pleasure. Dixon's patented "Z" drive Transaxle and Hydrostatic Drive transfers power to the drive wheels independently so our mowers turn within their own dimensions, and are extremely maneuverable.  Dixon-mowed yards are easy to spot too. They're the breathtaking ones with  smooth, even contours. High quality components, expert engineering and stringent quality control are proud Dixon hallmarks. Isn't it time you turned to a Dixon?
Turn around time
Don't You Have Better Things to Do? You don't cut corners in life, but you can when it comes to mowing the grass with a Dixon ZTR mower. Zero Turning Radius mowers zip precisely around small trees, bushes and other backyard obstacles that take time to trim around. The Dixon ZTR cuts square corners and tracks contours cleanly. No more backtracking over previously cut sections of turf. Your time is productive - and valuable! - mowing uncut sections of grass on every pass that will get you off the mower that much quicker and onto the patio or first tee box in record time. You can cut your mowing time in half. What could be better than that? Less time mowing grass, more leisure time. Consider the Dixon ZTR your personal work-release program.