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The SilverTip ZTR®

The acre-breaking 72 inch cut commercial SilverTip is equipped with extra-large hydraulic drive systems featuring Parker® pumps and wheel motors along with Dixon Blue™ synthetic oil for reliable hydrostatic power. Canister-style high capacity air filters improve air flow and increase hours between air filter changes. The rugged steel frame construction, and heavy duty 11 gauge 3-blade fabricated deck with Dixon’s TunnelForce™ deck design with an extra large discharge chute opening produces a superb cut and better distribution of clippings. The SilverTip also sports durable cast iron hubs and oversize heavy duty sealed bearings, and the state-of-the-art Fusion™ high-lift blades increasing blade life and remaining sharper for 200% longer. In keeping with Dixon’s true fashion the Dixon Envirosystem™ keeps the operator in mind with every feature; BigRig® set suspension system cushions the ride for less operator fatigue. Quiet operation and low vibration are designed into every component of the mower. With the SilverTips compact wheel base and low center of gravity it makes it just as agile as any other Dixon ZTR. Recommended for lawn service professionals, large businesses, farmsteads, and large residential lots.

All models feature electric start.
All specifications subject to change without notice.

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