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Don't be deceived by the Zeeter®'s narrow and compact design that allows the operator to travel through standard 36-inch gates. With a powerful 11.5hp Briggs and Stratton® I/C engines, 30-inch deck, and the Dixon transaxle, the Zeeter® runs circles around ordinary mowers. Test drive this compact zero turn mower and find that everything's right. That's the way it should be because every Dixon mower is equipped with the Dixon EnviroSystem®. The Dixon EnviroSystem® is engineered with the operator in mind notice the quite operation, low vibration, smooth ride, ignition, choke, throttle, blade clutch and 7-position deck height adjustment - they're all within easy reach. A gentle push on the twin steering levers and you're maneuvering in and out of tight spots, breezing around trees and obstacles, trimming turf along borders and patios, all while shaving time off yard work. Turn yard work into fun - test drive a ZTR Zeeter, at your Dixon dealer, today! Recommended for residential yards of one acre or less.

All models feature electric start.
All specifications subject to change without notice.

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